In route back to your home planet, following a very successful planetary invasion, your spaceship crashes, leaving seventy slugs stranded on a desolate moon. There is one option for survival - the only functioning escape pod! In SLUGS IN SPACE each player takes on the role of a Slug Officer, and are tasked with recruiting a crew of 5 different slugs to activate the escape pod and flee the desolate moon. Problem is, there is only one escape pod, so the officer that is able to form his crew first, will be able to activate the escape pod and flee, leaving everyone else to an uncertain future. The game is played clockwise around a table with players either playing slugs cards from their hands, into play, as their needed crew members. Or playing action cards, which allow them to swap slugs around from player to player, steal other players’ slugs, or even remove slugs completely from the game. Play continues until a player has, in play, 5 different slug cards. At which time that player promptly wins!
PDF CONTENTS 36 Slug Cards 6 Exterminate Cards 5 Confuse Cards 3 Zap Cards 2 Rules Cards

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