"From the shadows, We of the Severed Skull have been watching You. We have watched as you have grown in your abilities, and as you have gained great power. Now, We believe that You are ready to join our ranks. But, there are many who covet this opportunity, and for that we have arranged a formidable competition. 5 Organizations have issued Bounties on 30 of the Universe's most notorious Fugitives. For their capture, You will be rewarded with a variety of Special Actions. You must use these actions to capture a set of Fugitives, and add a little chaos to the competition. For ultimately, there can only be one winner. And now, You must decide if You will take part, and join . . . The Chaos Hunt."
Enter the world of S'etora, a Universe not unlike or own, except with Villainous Monsters, Killer Robots, Lethal Assassins, and Bizarre Alien races. In Bounty Hunters: The Chaos Hunt you get to take a small glimpse into the ruthless underworld of S'etora's Bounty Hunting Guilds and the rivalries between them. The Chaos Hunt came about to fulfill a three fold purpose. First, recruitment. The guilds are in constant need of new Hunters. Second, capturing fugitives. There are organization who put out bounties on the scum, and their capture pays. Third, entertainment. No reason to not make a spectacle of the Hunt, its appeal draws in millions of viewers. So get ready to catch some fugitives and prove that you're worthy to join one of the most prestigious Bounty Hunting Guilds in the Universe.
PDF CONTENTS 30 Fugitive Cards 2 Reference Cards 1 Initiative Card 1 Rules Sheet

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